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On this day, June 17th 2011

ON THIS DAY, JUNE 17TH 2011 BITCHIN ROCK were out on tour with 3 Doors Down and The Crave at Glasgow O2.

Over our years on the road, we did a lot of tours with The Crave.
If they ever get back together, we would probably join them again.
Was Always a pleasure on the road with those guys.

We met so many amazing people along the way and had a lot of laughs.

BitchinDonna x

Thanks to Concert Archives for jogging my memory

BitchinRock Photos History. The beginning

Hey, BitchinDonna here. I know I know, it’s been way too long since I blogged. I have been reminiscing and thinking about tour life.

So have been going back through old ticket stubs, tour passes, photo dates. Through this and MrRob’s photos he managed to salvage from hard drives, I have been begun documenting BitchinRock Photos History.

This is the beginning. 2005 through to 2006.

Discovered the loveGods at Glastonbury (

July 16th – Guilfest (met Big Pete who went on to become the 3rd member of the team)

Sep – Rock in the Castle, Scarborough

(Wildhearts, Hurricane Party, Terrovision, Hanoi Rocks, The Glitterati, 80s Matchbox, Kid Ego)

October 4th – the loveGods, Brighton

November 19th – the loveGods, Brighton

November 29th – Winterville, York

December 3rd – the loveGods, Brighton

March 16th – Winterville, Oxford (Big Pete)

March ? – Silverjet (Photos by MrRob :

Poke the Cheese (Photos by MrRob :, Doncaster

March 19th – Lost in Vegas (Photos by MrRob : & Winterville, Wolverhampton

March 25th – Lost in Vegas (Photos by MrRob :, Tamworth

March 27th – The Rockets & The Answer ( ), Cambridge

April 8th – Lost in Vegas (Photos by MrRob & The Answer, Birmingham

April 9th – The Answer & Sorry For Nothing, Newcastle

April 21st – Lost In Vegas, Tamworth

April 23rd – Tokyo Dragons & Danko Jones, Birmingham (only Rob and Big Pete)

May 5th – Winterville, Oxford (only Rob and Big Pete)

May 8th – Glitterati ( Guitar Show (only Rob and Big Pete)

May 16th – Silverjet, ( )Woolpack, Doncaster

May 21st – SIGN ( & The Answer, Camden

May 25th – SIGN & The Answer, Fibbers, York

May 26th – CLIVEAID, Doncaster(met Glyder)

Glyder :

Ten foot Dolls :

G.M.T. :

Paul Dianno :

Stinger :

May 27th – Glyder : Woolpack, Doncaster (met Bo & Annette + Cat)

June 10th – DOWNLOAD festival (repping The Answer)

June 17th – Lost in Vegas, (Photos by MrRob ) Tamworth (BOTB)

June 18th – Middlesbrough live , SIGN

June 19th – SIGN (Photos by MrRob ), Water Rats, London(only Rob……but this is when our tour-days with SIGN begin)

July 1st – the loveGods, Paris (only Rob and Big Pete)

July 12th – the loveGods & Kodak, Brighton

July 13th – GUILFEST, (only Rob & Big Pete)

Winnebago Deal (,

Therapy (,

The Hedrons (

The AG Band (


Lightning Seeds (, Educated Animals ( ,

Breed 77 (

Attica ( )


The Roosters (, The Mutts (

The Wonderstuff (

July 18th –

July 20th – GEMFEST, Mexborough

Sweet Seduction


Patchwork Grace

10 Foot Dolls

High Society


July22nd – Lost in Vegas, Tamworth BOTB

July 23rd – Sweet Seduction, Woolpack, Doncaster

July 24th – Faster Inferno, Mucao

Glyder & The Answer Ireland tour

July 28th – Spirit Store, Dundalk

The Answer:

Glyder :

July 29th – Fred Zeppelins, Cork

The Answer :

Glyder :

July 30th – Dolans, Limerick

The Answer :

Glyder :

July 31st – Roisin Dubh, Galway

August 2nd – Whelans, Dublin

August 3rd – Glyder,

August 4th – Glyder, Whiplash , Sligo :

August 6th – Glyder, Christmas in August

August 11th – BULLDOG BASH (Sweet Seduction, Lost in Vegas, Headrush) ( with Big Pete and Katy cider)

August 12th – BULLDOG BASH (The Answer, Therapy)

August 18th – TRASHSTOCK, Junktion 7, Nottingham

Patchwork Grace

August 19th – TRASHSTOCK, Junktion 7, Nottingham




Zen Motel


High Society

August 25th – FuryUK

August 26th – @Wolverhampton


Killing Zoe

Sweet Seduction

Rattlesnake Remedy

August 28th – Fury UK, Bury (new logo)

September 2nd – Lost in Vegas, Tamworth

September 9th – Stinger (Pais), GMT ) Woolpack, Doncaster

September 10th – Fury Uk, Hark to Howler, Bury

September 13th – Headrush, Sweet Seduction, Disarm

SIGN & ( on tour with Wednesday 13 – Till death us do party)

September 16th – Manchester

September 17th – Birmingh

September 19th – Norwich

September 20th – Newcastle

September 21st – Glasgow

September 22nd – Sheffield

September 23rd – Nottingham

September 24th – Bristol

September 25th – Koln

September 26th – Hamburg

September 27th – Berlin

September 28th –

September 29th – Munchen

September 30th – Utrecht

October 1st – Amsterdam

October 3rd – Paris

October 4th – Brussels

October 5th – London

Fury UK & Glyder mini tour

October 6th -Buckley – Glyder :

October 7th –

October 8th – OXJAM, Sibera, Bury. Glyder :

October 10th – Rise To Addiction : & Paul Dianno, Woolpack, Doncaster

October 13th – The Answer, Roadstar : & Rose Hill Drive : , Manchester

November 18th – Disarm & The Glitterati, Junktion 7, Nottingham

Glyder & Thunder

November 24th – Manchester

November 25th – Newcastle

November 26th – Sheffield

December 2nd – Silverjet

December 3rd – Sweet Seduction

December 8th – The Rockets, Cambridge

December 11th – The Answer

December 15th – Fury UK, Woolpack, Doncaster

December 19th – CLIVEAID Dublin (Chaos Emerald, GMT, Glyder)

December 20th – Chaos Emerald

December 29th – Lost in Vegas & Fury UK, Hark to Howler, Bury